Silatech is an international social development, non-profit, NGO that focuses on empowering youth by connecting them with economic opportunities and employment initiatives, by acting as a connecting catalyst between the youth and jobs, and resources to establish and sustain successful enterprises. This is achieved through working with national, regional and international partners to provide innovative solutions in Employment and Enterprise Development.

Empowering Youth, Transforming Societies

Since its inception in 2008, Silatech has implemented innovative programs to combat unemployment and marginalization of youth. 10 years on, Silatech has created 1,000,000 employment opportunities for youth across the MENA region, restoring hope and empowering multifold of one million young men and women, by granting them and their families financial security, stability and prosperity.
Thereby, enabling them with the necessary tools to become agents of change, capable of transforming their lives and societies for the better.

Silatech will mark this milestone and announce its future plans and ambitions in a gathering of dignitaries, officials, and state figures from across the international community with the aim of examining youth unemployment from a global perspective and discussing ways of unifying global efforts to empower marginalized youth.
The event is a unique opportunity for like-minded individuals, government and organizations, policy and decision makers, private sector, commercial enterprises, high profile celebrities and Silatech’s partner organizations to come together and construct a platform of mutual benefit in the name of youth empowerment.

Entitled “Empowering Youth, Transforming Societies” the event is scheduled to take place on Monday, March 4th 2019 in Geneva at 9:30 am at the Centre International de Conférences Genève (CICG)

A Global Ecosystem Conducive to Youth Empowerment: The Building Blocks

The panel discussion is aimed at addressing the issues and challenges that young people face and the efforts to economically and socially integrate them into society and provide them with decent livelihood opportunities. The panel will discuss and identify the challenges facing stakeholders involved in youth empowerment processes from both local and global perspectives. This will lead to sharing experiences that contribute to addressing the prevalent obstacles of youth employment while highlighting imperatives of economic and social empowerment.

The Silatech Story

A comprehensive and engaging journey of Silatech's achievements and future plans will be demonstrated in a multi-media rich exhibition. Visually illustrating Silatech’s ongoing mission in combating youth unemployment, extremism and the marginalization of women; by highlighting the countries in which Silatech operates and the various practical tools, and innovative solutions and programs adopted in tackling this mission.
The exhibition will showcase the myriad challenges the youth face today, stories of lives empowered, and established partnerships; vital for the empowerment of youth and the betterment of societies.

An opportunity to engage in discussion, the exhibition will allow guests from various sectors to leverage on synergies, develop a network of resources and cultivate grounds for future partnerships.

The exhibition will aim to inform and inspire the international community to act upon the pressing challenges faced by today’s youth.

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For more information on Silatech’s work, please kindly visit the Silatech website at https://www.silatech.org/
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